Thursday, September 6, 2012

Juicing - Day 2

So today went well. I had some yummy grape based juice for breakfast. I made it last night since I don't have time to juice in the morning. It was refreshing. For lunch I made mean green juice which i really liked. I made my dinner juice in the same session, as well as tomorrows morning juice. The dinner juice tonight...  i really didn't really care for, it has broccolli, cucumber and celery in it. I think its the broccoli, it has a very grassy flavor when juiced. Not going to make that one again.

I had to run back to the store for more ginger and apples tonight and I picked up a few more juicing containers to store juice in. It really goes very fast. I wish there was something to do with the pulp, seems like such a waste. 

FEELING: I feel clear headed and woke up with a lot of energy so that's good. So far my favorite juice recipe is the one with the sweet potato. It was yumtastic




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