Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am Back! Page 90

I was about to leave on a 10 day trip to Columbus, Ohio when the flu hit me like a ton of bricks. My bags were packed, my boarding pass was printed, I had my lap top in it's case by the door and my alarm was set for 6am the next morning. So when I started coughing and aching at 3am, I knew I wasn't going to make it. You know that horrible feeling where you can't swallow and your throat is all swollen. Ewwwww yuck! 

So instead of heading to the airport, I went to the Urgent Care and was told that I had a flu virus and given some meds and told to stay home and rest for 5 - 7 days.

So anyway, it's now Tuesday night and I am just getting my energy back. I spent this 3 day weekend sleeping and taking medicine. NOT what I wanted to do at all. I hate being sick.

I wasn't feeling at all better when the door bell rang and the Fed Ex guy delivered my new shoes. I tried them on and instantly felt about 50% better. It's amazing what new shoes can do. 

If you are a man, you are probably thinking this is impossible, but if you are a woman than you know the power of new shoes. I think the idea of being out wearing these new shoes gave me a surge of much needed positive energy and tonight I was able to complete several pages and passed the all important 90 page marker. 

This is an action thriller which means it's not going to run the full 120 - so I am almost done with this first draft. That will mean the re-writes begin, but having the completed draft will mean I can start the marketing process meanwhile I refine it. 

Whew...  I am glad to be back. 


I include this silly photo of me at Del Frisco in Charlotte, NC because I feel it expresses the mood. It was taken a couple of years ago, though. Ha ha!

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