Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Index Card Explosion - Screenwriting is dangerous!

I was in the middle of organizing some scenes and needed a bit more light. So naturally I flipped the switch to turn on my desk lamp...  forgetting that it also controls the fan I have in that room.


I went from thinking somberly about the motivation on my character to frantically trying to catch his story as it spun around the room in a flurry.I turned off the fan and the little squares of white paper floated to the floor and settled, some face up, some face down... some on the desk, some on the chair, some stuck in the blinds...

I just stood there for a minute and looked at them, in the middle was a card that had landed standing up on it's edge in the carpet... it read "CRASH!" 

For a minute I thought about the crash scene and began to back track from that point as I picked up the cards and re-organized them.


A great idea for that scene just HIT ME...  I think this happy accident was the catalyst for an idea that will totally upgrade the entire story.

I have now TACKED the index cards to the wall, they won't get away from me again, but is that really a good thing?


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