Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have Become a Traffic Sissy!

In Days Gone By I commuted an hour each way...  did commutes to Burbank and Irvine with no Car Pool Partners...  Bumper to Bumper all the way... found ways to use the car time, making calls or listening to French Lessons on CD... I would drive anywhere at the drop of a hat...  Visit the OC, no problem.... run up to the High Desert.. Sure... head downtown... Alright! But now days I work from home (many people's dream scenario) and so I suppose it has spoiled me for the harsh reality of commuting... and traffic in general...  it stresses me out to the point of becoming anxious now and i just want to drive the shoulder and zip away!  Even jamming to my music doesn't help for long... i guess the combination of living in North Carolina for 4 years and then working from home has removed all the tolerance I had built up for traffic as a Californian...  I never actually knew that traffic was such a bad thing till I didn't have to deal with it for so long... *sigh*

I hate that I am a traffic sissy!


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