Saturday, August 18, 2012

Page 72 & A Preview Of My Lolita Costume For Comikaze

So I just completed 72 pages of my current script and I actually could have kept going, but I stopped myself to think about a scene I added and whether or not it affects something earlier in the story. What do you do when you change something and you need to go back and make sure it's laced through the story properly?

I usually make a note on an index card and come back to it, but for some reason this time I felt like I needed to stop and think about the overall impact of the change. So that is where I am right now. A couple more sessions and I will have the first draft.

In other news, I have compiled all the pieces for my Sweet Lolita costume for Comikaze. Now, I know that Stan Lee has nothing to do with Sweet Lolita's or Kawaii, but I just wouldn't make a very good Cat Woman. So I decided to have fun with it. I have always wanted to go all out with a Kawaii Sweet Lolita Look.

What do you think of my choices for the outfit?




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