Monday, June 25, 2012

I will never finish this screenplay!

Do you ever feel like you will just never finish the script you are working on? I have been writing my current action sci-fi script for over a year. If I could devote an uninterupted week to it, I could just knock it out, but then there is the re-write and the re-write of the re-write, right?

I did finish the detailed treatment on a flight back from Japan instead of sleeping, but how often am I going to be trapped on an 8 hour flight with no internet access?


Although the internet has been a great help to my process; seeking facts, downloading screenplays, interacting with other writers, following scriptchat on twitter... it has also been my worst enemy.

Every time I get in the zone (you know that magical place, right?), an email pops up or my phone buzzes that someone commented on my facebook status and I am off to check it. One hour later, I realize I have been playing on the interwebs and haven't written a single line... YET AGAIN!!!


How do I get out of this cycle? 

How do you do it?

What are some good tips on staying in the zone?


So mad at myself!!!




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