Monday, March 5, 2012

IKEA Shopping Secrets. Prepare for battle!

I am not sure why there are two listings for this IKEA.

This is a good location, it is just like every other IKEA you have been to. 

There isn't a lot that I can say that has not been said, so I will give you my IKEA secrets.

Go to and sign up for the family card to get discounts. You get free coffee and a free ice cream cone with this as well.

You can look up products online ahead of time and get their aisle and bin number before you leave, print that out if you want to skip the showroom.

You can also see what is in stock online at your locale IKEA. This helps incase you are looking for something specific.

Wear comfortable shoes!

Empty your car out and measure where you have room or plan to tie stuff to the top if you are going to buy anything large. 

Plan to be here ALL DAY!

Plan to get ideas and take pictures perhaps.

If you have kids, they will enjoy the kids center where you can check them in, get a pager and they are allowed to play in there for an hour.  The pager will buzz if your kid needs you back sooner.

When you start the showroom, grab a few big yellow bags.

Walk the show room - it takes about an hour to do the whole thing without a lot of stopping, make sure to pick up anything you see that you want from the bins, you might not be able to find it again in the maze.

Break for lunch! At the end of the showroom is a cafeteria, swedish coffee is great, I love the LOX and they usually have some good sweets.

Then you will go downstairs and actually start shopping. 

The marketplace is about another hour and then you go into the warehouse where you get the larger stuff. 

If you are getting any larger stuff, make sure to grab a pallet cart.. you will  need it. Stuff is boxed and heavy.

If you buy anything that might have extra pieces, make sure you confirm what you need. A bed may have top bottom, slats, mid-beam and hardware all in different bins. You don't want to get home and realize you are missing a piece.

If it's not there when you look, ASK. They will check the back for you.

Want a deal - look in the AS IS section.. lots of good stuff there for discounted prices and usually someone else has already put it together for you.

If you have a lot of smaller stuff,  grab some blue bags as you check out. They are .59 cents each, but unless you want to carry a bunch of little items out..  they come in handy and are really re-usable. I always have a couple in my car.

You will buy something you don't  need. It's a given. But have fun and plan to leave tired!

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