Monday, December 12, 2011

What is Google + good for?

So I have been playing with Google+ for a few months and I have been added to over 3000 people's circles. I probably know about 20 of them.

At first I treated G+ like facebook. I added my friends (hardly any of them wanted to start using it though) then tried just updating with status updates and such. Not much interaction and most of my friends were still on facebook and preferred to stay there.

Next I treated it like Twitter. I started adding everyone and letting everyone add me. I didn't care if I knew them or not and the more the merrier. I started updating with links, images, stories, reblogs, animated gifs and anything I found interesting and though others would. This gained me tons of "followers" or "circles" and lots of re-shares.. especially for the animated gifs, but yet.. it was some how empty..  the conversations were short and went no where.

Then I tried treating it like a reader, stumble upon or dig it. I circled people based on topics and started reading feeds when I had time. Photogs, Screenwriters, Bloggers, Marketers, Social Media Gurus, Celebs.. that worked okay.. but it wasn't really anything more satisfying that google reader really.. 

NOW, I use it to share photos and video with specific groups.. and I LOVE it for this...of all the purposes I have used it for, this is the most functional and unique. You can create an album and upload a mix of photos, gifs and video together without worrying about format and then share that with a circle of people. I use my FAMILY circle for this A LOT. My Mom and a couple of others who aren't even on G+ get the updates via email and can view the albums and videos with no issues and without having to sign up. I love that the videos are uploaded with youtube controls, but they aren't linked into my youtube account. So I dont have to worry about family videos being shared publicly.\

I think G+ is great for all of the above uses, depending on your need, it can fit them all, but I am finding that I love it most as a bulk sharing tool.

What do you use it for?


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