Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I did all my holiday shopping online!

So I can honestly say that I did not buy a single gift that wasn't purchased online.

I thought about the black friday sale lines, the pushing and shoving and name calling... and decided perhaps was a safer bet.


Everyday a new box arrives on the door step and I take it in... open it (it's kinda like getting gifts myself, in a way...) I look it over and think about the person I am giving it to and how i hope they will love it - then I wrap it and top it with ribbons or some cut out snow flake I made and place it with the others in the music room to wait for C-day or Hannukah depending... I don't have a tree and don't usually get one, but I always listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas Album... i don't know why, but it is the absolute most calming thing in the world... 


Online shopping is a commitment though. You need to read reviews. Look at lots of photos. Compare shipping costs (amazon prime is great for serious shoppers) and take into account the time it will take to arrive.


I have to admit that my fave shops are (they should pay me for the number of times I say that) but i do love them.. they make everything easy and Wine Country Gift Baskets (.com) - a few of my friends and family got lovely treat towers and Hannukah treats that I sent out using that vendor. They have a great presentation, timely delivery and yummy treats!!!


I can't believe that I am DONE with my holiday shopping and it isn't even the 15th! I am so stoked. Yay for the internet.

I am also using Sincerely Ink (an iphone app) to do holiday cards. The shame of it is that I realize how few friends physical addresses I actually have handy anywhere...  


Now to think about travel arrangements.. UGH... 

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