Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Market a Screenplay

Are you ready to sell your screenplay?

If you have gotten tons of feedback via local groups, acting collaborations to have your script read aloud (good local groups can be found or made at

Perfect the scripts to your absolute BEST. I love Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder – its is great.. there are tons of books you can read on the topic and of course you should read tons of screenplays, lots are available for free at: Script-O-Rama!  and SimplyScripts (sometimes these are post shooting scripts, but it still helps to see how others handle communicating actions etc.)

I have a list of screenwriting software here: List of Screenwriting Software and i use movie magic screenwriter but have used Final Draft as well. Format is a big deal for readers, so make sure you are up on all that stuff.

Ummm… so, when you are ready to roll.. I would work out a killer log line – here is an article on that, but SAVE THE CAT has the best formula i have heard for it yet.. LogLines for Screenplay and you can  buy Save the Cat here!

Then, I would create a great query letter, here is some info on what that: &

This will be your first impression (never send an entire script, unless it has been asked for.. it is a waste of your money and time – start with a query letter).

OKAY! Now you are ready to spend some cash! Get a subscription to Hollywood Creative Directory Online as well as Internet Movie Database Pro and use those to create a data base of people you will mail to.. I like to seek out Development Execs and people involved in producing films similar to the script i am trying to sell on IMDBpro and then look their information up in and send to them specifically. but there are lots of ways to use the information those two sources give you.

Make sure to follow any requirements listed. Whether you are sending to a producer, dev exec, agent or other. Some people send queries even when “no unsolicited material” is accepted.. its your money.. sometimes you get lucky, so you can make that call.

Most of all, if you get ANY feedback in a rejection notice outside of the usual form letter, CHERISH it.. i always stress that, because they took the time to give you something valuable.. their opinion on what you can do to improve your chances and an opening to send a follow up thanking them and perhaps even re-sending the script back after the changes have been made.

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