Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google+ - Where the cool kids are... NOW!

I am not just an early adopter. I would say I am a chronic social media junky "i'll try anything with a username especially if it has BETA after it's name" kinda gal! So, Francis Specker got my an invite (thanks Francis) and I played with this awesome new toy for a couple of days almost non-stop!


I immediately ran into all the super stars. Robert Scoble , Chris Pirillo , Felicia Day etc...  all the cool nerds were present and accounted for. There were tons of cute little "facebook death" visual jokes posted and lots of requests for improvements and such. Some cool features:

You can add anyone to a circle even if they aren't your "friend" and haven't added YOU to one, so you can see anything they post publicly. Ironically the most followed person on google+ right now is Mark Zuckerberg, LOL!

As long as the invites are open I will send you one, just follow me on twitter then mention me your email address:

Here are a couple of screenshots:



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