Friday, November 20, 2009

Does Anyone Fall For This S**t???

And who the heck are these Con-people?  So lame!
European Corporate Governance Institute
Avenue des Statuaires 120, 1180 Bruxelles

Dear Citizens of the World,
I hereby in this letter propose a job that have been designed for every citizens of the world to get out of the Global recession.
Your Work for the Company:-

Our Clients and sponsors in the States will be sending you our Checks.

You will have to get it processed at your Financial Institution

There is an instant commission of ten percent on any payment you processed and cashed

Send the remaining ninety percent company fund to the agent information given to you here via money gram

You don't need to leave your present job.

Fill in the form below if you are interested:-
Name :
Zip code:
Phone Number:
Present Occupation:

Please send all replies here:
Best Regards,

Dr John Smith(Project Advisor)
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